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Michigan CPA Accounting Service


We can solve your accounting problems for a cost that will surprise you. Handing off your bookkeeping burden to The Joseph Group PLLC accounting services will allow you to focus on the core issues of your business, such as growth. Having accurate accounting of your books will allow you to make more informed decisions concerning your business.

  • 20 years of accounting experience serving both retail service and non-profit organizations
  • Years of general accounting, payroll and payroll tax filings: more than 20 years
  • Years of tax preparation: more than 18 years
  • Years of tax auditing: 5 years
  • Years of tax analyst: 4 years
  • Years of forensic auditor: 10 years
  • Years of creating and maintaining databases: more than 10 years
  • Masters in Accounting
  • Masters in Management Information Systems